While refreshing your mailbox, you can face mail server imap.aol.com is not responding error. Do not worry more, it is a very serious technical error, you need to correct it immediately. To sort out this error, you need to take complete guidance for resolving Mail Server imap.aol.com is not responding to issues. To fix this error code, you need to call AOL support experts to get complete technical support or help.

Fix Mail Server IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding error

Uninstalling and Reinstalling AOL Account

AOL mail account dysfunctions due to heavy incoming and outgoing emails. It leads to the error of Mail Server IMAP.AOL.Com Is not responding error. The best possible solution for this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the account. While installing again in a simple way, the settings are auto-corrected. It must resolve the problem.

Following provided instructions to resolve Mail Aol.Com Took a long time to respond

Step1- Open Settings-

You need to open your phone, click on the menu button and press, “settings” button.

Step2- Choose Accounts and Password button

When the setting option opens, scroll down and find the Accounts and Password button. You have to click on it.

Step3- Open the email account

When the accounts and password button open, you will observe a list of mail accounts that you can use. You can click on the “email ID” that is not responding properly.

Step4- Delete

When you click on the mail ID, you can use the “red” option to remove the account.

Step5- Revert to the main menu

After deleting the account, Press, “back” option to go the main menu. Give the phone rest for a few minutes to synchronize the fresh setting.

Step6- Click on “Settings” button

After some time, you have to click on the “settings” button on the menu list.

Step7- Click on “Accounts and Password”

When you open the setting buttons, you need to scroll down and click on the “Accounts and Password” option.

Step8- Add Account

After entering the accounts and password field, go to add account button and click on it.

Step9- Choose from the list of email providers

When you click on the “add” account button, you will observe a list of email ID providers such as AOL, YMail, and Gmail. Choose the AOL account that is giving you issues.

Step 10- Sign In

When you choose the email provider which you want, they will ask for username and password. You need to enter the compulsory information, and your issue of MY AOL mail is not responding, must fix correctly.

Thereby following all these above instructions, you can solve mail server imap.aol.com is not responding error immediately. Still, if you’re facing any other problem, you can call the online AOL support team instantly. AOL support experts are very trained and experienced in solving this issue simply.

Conclusion- Resolving mail server imap.aol.com is not responding is not an easy job. Just by following all these steps, you can resolve this error rightly. The experts and technicians of AOL customer support are available 24 hours to help you with any kind of technical troubles.





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