If you are facing steady issues with blurry images or text with an Hp printer, the technical issue has a lot of technical causes. The technical error could rest with the size of the image, you’re attempting to print. If the text is printing blurry, the ink cartridges can be malfunctioning. Wrong paper selections could the main cause of this error. You need to follow some important steps if your HP printer will not print sharply as per your requirement. To fix Blurry printing error in the HP printer, you need to call the online HP printer support team immediately.

Resolution Blurry Printing- A Measurement as Pixels per Inch

The resolution of your image can be very low. The resolution is the amount of the relevant information in a digital image measured as pixels per inch. If you are attempting to print any image founded on the internet, these images come from a PPI of 72 to 100. As a result, the printed image may look blurry. Images must have a resolution of a minimum of 150PPI to print with clarity.

Enlarge Small Images- A Way to Make Your Small Images Bigger

Your HP printer has a button that asks while you want to keep a provided image file on your computer system and wants to print it as size fixed such as 8×10 inches. The original image file has a size of 3×4 inches and a low resolution. As a result, the printing is blurry. Print the image at its original size rather than make bigger it to decrease blur.

Quality Settings- A Range from Draft to Best Quality Settings

Your HP printer has many quality settings options ranging from “Draft” to “Best Quality”. You should use the highest quality setting for the model of the HP printer. You must use Draft as the lowest quality setting.

Ink Nozzles/Alignment- Keep a Regular check on Ink Cartridges

If the settings, size, and resolution are very important, you may have an issue with the nozzles on your ink cartridges or printer head alignment. Often, the nozzles, which do not change ink have congested, and if one cartridge is not printing appropriately, the preferred image could be blurry. Using it for more time or heavy uses, the printer heads may appear outside of the alignment. After a few clicks of the mouse, your HP printer can solve these problems.

Paper Problems- Wrong type of Paper may create problems

If you’re using the wrong type of paper for your HP printer or loading it on the wrong side, it may create paper jamming issues. You should use inkjet paper for inkjet printers. And you must use a laser paper for laser printers. If you’re using a sleek paper and have kept it on the wrong side, the paper cannot absorb the ink correctly. As a result, printing is blurry.

Printer Drivers/Hardware- Reloading Printer Driver can solve Printing Blurry Problems

Finally, you can reload your printer driver, if the issue continues. Printer drivers are the software that permits your printing machine to communicate with your computer system. When you buy a printing machine, you install a CD that includes these printer drivers. Check that the updated drivers are available, download them and follow the steps for the installation process. If the printer drivers are updated, you can have a hardware issue, you need to call an online HP printer support team to get unlimited technical support or help.

Conclusion- Blurry printing in the HP printer is a very complicated issue. By following all the above steps, you can resolve blurry printing issues related to the HP printer. Online printer technicians are highly trained and technically proficient in resolving it correctly.



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